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As it warmed up into the hottest day ever recorded in the UK, Jules and Anne-Marie set off for Lewes in East Sussex. There we found Pekes Manor which was the venue for today’s lovely wedding.

The Wedding

Sarah and Robert
Pekes Manor
19 July 2022

OUtdoor Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony

With the temperatures already in the mid 30s by the time we arrived the first priority was to find some sort of shelter! The venue were very hospitable and had organised sun shades both for us as musicians as well as the wedding guests. We like to hope that we are renowned for NOT making a fuss! No matter what, our policy is to just get on with it. And this we hope we did today. Jules did however concede it was slightly warm and took his waistcoat off. But not the bow tie! Standards, after all, have to be met!

The Ceremony

The bride, followed by her Bridesmaids walked down the aisle to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. As it was requested there should be no photographs of the children at this wedding we have slightly fewer photos than usual.

Wedding Sign
Wedding Sign

At the end of the ceremony we had to relocate to ‘The Duck Lawn’ for the outdoor drinks reception. Again here, shelter from the sun had been provided. Moving our instruments around venues is never any trouble even on the hottest day ever recorded! Once again making use of our portable power supply we were soon relocated and ready to play again within a matter of minutes.

The Drinks Reception

One of the best things about JAM Duo is that we both absolutely love what we do. So despite soaring temperatures we carried on regardless. It also turned out that our instruments, our portable power supply and our iPads all continued to work perfectly well in slightly higher temperatures than normal. Let’s face it, there are plenty of hotter places in the world so it really wasn’t that big a deal!

We had a really lovely time at Sarah and Robert’s wedding and it was an absolute pleasure sharing the day with them. We wish them both every happiness in their future married lives together.

JAM Duo with Sarah and Robert

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