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A few years ago (well back in 2014) Jules actually went to a wedding at The Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracombe in order to transform the wedding guests into a choir for the entrance of the bride. Today he was back, but with the lovely Anne-Marie for another wedding with JAM Duo.

The Wedding

Sophie and Josh
Tunnels Beaches
29 June 2022

One of the challenges with the Tunnels Beaches is that there is no parking. Arriving in good time we managed to unload and then find a space to park in town.

It was then very easy to get our kit down to the outdoor ceremony area and get everything set up in good time.

Today was a very small and intimate wedding with just 10 guests. Our role was to provide music for the wedding ceremony followed by a short drinks reception.

Tunnels Beaches

As well as being a stunning wedding venue, Tunnels Beaches is also open to the public.

Steeped in history, Tunnels Beaches makes a fascinating visit for all ages…

Hand carved in the 1820’s, the four tunnels provide a truly unique experience. Read extensive history information throughout the site – including hilarious guides to Victorian etiquette for boys, girls and for when boating with ladies!

Learn how local entrepreneurs developed the tunnels and pools, and transformed Ilfracombe from a small fishing village into a popular seaside tourist resort.

Sit back and admire the lovely rugged scenery while the kids play safely in the tidal pool or explore the fantastic rock pools – they’ve been rated the 3rd best beach for rock pooling in the UK by BBC Wildlife Magazine.

The Wedding

Today was a beautiful ceremony by the sea led by the local Devon Registrars. Very relaxed and informal it was clear to see the love between these two.

Wedding Couple
Josh and Sophie

Today definitely had an element of Game of Thrones theme to it! We deducted this was perhaps Josh’s influence. The entrance of the bridal party was to ‘Truth’ from Games and Thrones and we were specifically asked to play the full piece regardless of when Sophie arrived at Josh’s side!


We were certainly well looked after at Tunnels Beaches by the staff, one of whom even took the above photo for us!

It was an absolute pleasure to provide music for Josh and Sophie’s wedding and it ended all too soon. But we left them heading down to the beach for more photographs. We wish Josh and Sophie every happiness in their married life together.

Music for Your Wedding

JAM Duo provide music for weddings all over the country. Today’s wedding was in Ilfracombe on the North Devon Coast. Yesterday we were down in Cornwall for Laura and Simon. And tomorrow, we are off to Somerset! Watch this space to keep up with our latest weddings and goings on. In the meantime if you would like to find out more please do get in touch via our contact page.

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