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JAM Duo are a Cello and Piano Duo who provide music at weddings all over the UK. We class ourselves as daytime wedding musicians. Whether or not this is an official term in the wedding industry we are unsure. However, for us the term daytime music covers everything from music pre ceremony through to first dance.

Most weddings, whether they’re in an exclusive wedding venue, a hotel or somewhere on your own farm, will follow a fairly structured format. This usually takes the form of:

Based on the above list, in very simple terms we regard ‘daytime music’ as anything prior to the evening entertainment. Essentially we are not a band. We aren’t singers and we don’t pretend to be DJ’s. So, if you want a party band or something loud to get people dancing that probably isn’t going to be us – although we do often have people singing along during the reception – but more on that later.

The vast majority of our work at weddings starts with the wedding ceremony. This is also usually the time that guests will arrive and marks the beginning of your wedding day. Indeed the ceremony is arguably the most important part of the day – everything which follows is designed as a celebration of what has just happened.

Music for your wedding ceremony will include a selection of songs played as your guests arrive and take their seats in the ceremony room. For this we usually play for around 15-20 minutes.

During the ceremony the key points where music is played is the entrance of the bride, the signing of the register and then the couple exit. There’s plenty of information about this on our wedding pages and elsewhere on our website.

The wedding reception will follow the ceremony and is usually divided up into two distinct parts. Firstly, most couples will have a drinks reception for around 90 minutes. During this time you guests will enjoy drinks and canapés whilst the couple are whisked off for photographs along with various group shots.

This is a great moment to have some entertainment for your guests. JAM Duo can provide background music during your drinks reception to keep your guests entertained. Our friend Georgie, from Georgina Rose Events, once said on her unfiltered bride podacst that music is the one part of the wedding day which is non negotiable. In other words – you must have music – and yes, we provided the daytime music for Georgie and Brian’s fabulous wedding on NYE in 2022.

The second part of your wedding reception is the meal or wedding breakfast as it is more formally known.

This is another great moment where music plays a key role. As the saying goes there’s nothing worse than walking into a silent room full of people. Music creates atmosphere and live musicians add a distinct element of class and style to any occasion.

JAM Duo can provide a variety of music from Piano and Cello covers with great energy through our Bose Sound System, through to more discreet quieter cocktail piano music.

Sometimes you can’t tell whether guests are going to quietly chat during a meal or sing along to our rendition of Angels by Robbie Williams whilst waving napkins in the air between courses. Either way JAM Duo can provide the perfect entertainment to suit your wedding.

After the meal there is usually a period of time for guests to relax and enjoy a drink before the evening party begins. During this time we sometimes provide background music. We quite often however, play for the couples first dance. Having live musicians and particularly a beautiful arrangement of your favourite song for Cello and Piano creates the most romantic moment and will be a first dance no one will forget.

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