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For many brides, the moment they step down the aisle is the moment their wedding really starts, it’s what everything has been building towards, and so it’s only natural that you want it to be nothing short of perfect. Getting your wedding ceremony music right will play a big part in this.

Traditionally, back in the days when wedding photography was only in Black and White, most brides went to church for their wedding and had to endure the local organist playing ‘Here Comes the Bride’.

Nowadays, regardless of whether you are getting married in a Church, Barn Wedding Venue, Hotel or Registry Office, the choice of music is almost endless. The best advice is to pick a song which has particular meaning for you. But even this isn’t easy.

This is why JAM Duo can offer you the ‘mashup’. This is basically 2 songs which are seamlessly blended together. The first song plays as your Bridesmaids enter and then a very short seamless transition occurs (timed to perfection on the day) and the music changes to a different song for your Bridal Entrance.

Below are some examples of mashups we have been asked for:

What songs can I choose?

JAM Duo can blend any two songs together – there are no restrictions on what you can choose – the examples above are just for inspiration. There’s a further 180 tracks on our listen page but even this is just an example. JAM Duo can play anything and we do not charge to arrange or learn songs which we haven’t previously played.

What about timing?

One of the big advantages of having live musicians, and JAM Duo in particular, is that you don’t have to worry about the timings or matching your entrance to the music. So long as we can see where you are entering from, Jules will time everything to seamlessly transition at exactly the moment the bride starts to walk in. Not only that, the music will finish beautifully at precisely the moment you arrive next to your Groom. It doesn’t matter if your bridal walk is 30 seconds or 4 minutes. Even if the song runs out, we will seamlessly improvise a repeat or extra chorus to make sure it is long enough to cover the entrance of the bridal party.

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