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Welcome to JAM Duo, your go-to destination for elevating your corporate events to the next level. We understand the importance of creating the perfect ambiance for your gathering, and that’s where our exceptional musicianship comes in.

Corporate Events

Imagine walking into a room filled with captivating melodies, instantly setting the tone for a memorable experience. With JAM Duo, you can make that a reality. As a talented Cello and Piano duo, we possess the expertise to transform any space into a captivating musical haven, ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere as your delegates arrive.

Our extensive repertoire covers a wide range of musical styles, allowing us to tailor our performance to suit your event’s unique requirements. Whether you desire soothing background music or a more formal and enchanting performance during your corporate dinner, JAM Duo has got you covered.

Over the years, we have graced numerous corporate dinners and celebrated special occasions at various venues across the UK and Europe. Our experience speaks volumes, guaranteeing professionalism and excellence in every note we play.

Make your corporate event an unforgettable one with the enchanting melodies of JAM Duo. Contact us today to discuss how we can enhance your upcoming gathering with our musical expertise.

MOD Events

JAM Duo have played for a considerable number of MOD Formal Dinners and Balls. Our Pop Covers are particularly well received during Formal Meals in the Officers Mess or for other MOD occasions. We have worked in Barracks for the Army and the RAF across Wiltshire and the rest of the UK.

Private Events and Parties

It is often said that music is the food of love. JAM Duo, comprising Cello and Piano, can add a touch of elegance to any occasion. Whether you are looking for background music during a dinner or entertainment whilst guests arrive, JAM Duo can provide the perfect music for your occasion.

We can perform in any venue from the lounge of a private house to a marquee or community centre. No matter where you are holding your party, JAM Duo can be set up and start performing within 15 minutes of arriving.

Our Duo is entirely self sufficient, all we need is a small corner and access to a power socket (although we also have our own portable power supply if you want us to perform in the garden or a marquee for example). For larger venues we have our own PA system and can also provide a microphone for speeches if needed.*

(We don’t always bring a microphone with us as it is not part of our normal set up so if you need this facility do please let us know in advance).

Jules and Anne-Marie

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If you would like JAM Duo to perform at your corporate event or party then please get in touch.

JAM Duo perform at corporate events and private parties all across the UK.
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