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JAM Duo are the ideal Classical Duo to perform at your private party or event. Whether you are having a few friends round to dinner or a larger gathering for drinks at a special occasion JAM Duo can make it extra special.

JAM Duo Parties

Music at parties is a given. It would almost be unheard of to have a party or a celebration without some kind of music. However, what sort of music you have at your party will depend on the event. Sometimes you may want a full on jazz band or perhaps a DJ is more your style.

JAM Duo are a Piano and Cello duo who perform a range of music from Classical favourites through to Covers of contemporary songs, Jazz & Blues as well as themes from your favourite films. Basically we play a little bit of everything in the hope there is something to suit all tastes. The Cello is great for this as it has a range similar to the human voice and so therefore is very well suited to popular covers.

JAM Duo perform at a private event in London

The mellow tones of the cello coupled with a piano can create a perfect backdrop to your party. Something simple and yet stylish to really add a touch of class to the occasion. As well as our ever growing repertoire we also take requests so you can be assured your guests will be thoroughly entertained by JAM Duo.

Our Performance

JAM Duo will bring their own instruments and can set up in a space no more than 2m x 2m. Our Yamaha Digital piano is ideally suited and blends well with the Cello.

We can usually be ready and set up within 5 – 10 minutes of our arrival at your venue. Generally speaking we don’t use amplification unless we are in a very big space and so we can blend in even in a private home.

Tell us your favourite songs

It’s your party, so it is important that the music is a reflection of your personal taste and preferences. We have a wide ranging repertoire from Classical music such as Pachelbel’s Canon through to Coldplay and Ed Sheeran, and just about everything in between.

Let us know the sort of music you like whether it’s Classical, Jazz or Rock and we will do our best to prepare a suitable playlist for your party.

Musicians Cotswolds
Jules Addison and Anne-Marie Humphries (JAM Duo)

Package options and Pricing

For most private parties we will perform for around 2 hours with a 10 minute break. Inclusive of travel within mainland UK, our pricing for this starts at £350.

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