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Choosing the right music for your wedding day is just as important as finding the right musicians. Key points during the day where music can enhance the occasion is at the wedding ceremony, during the drinks reception and wedding breakfast and then in the evening.

Do we have to choose music on your Listen Page?

Not at all! The tracks on our listen page are there to give you inspiration and help you choose music for your wedding day. The songs on our listen page represent some of the most popular choices and a lot of brides will choose from this list. Our iPads that we play from contain around 2000 songs and pieces of music and this is expanding all the time as we find new releases and take requests from brides.

Arranging and Playing Your favourite song:

More importantly – even we don’t already know your favourite song, we will arrange and play it for you. We do not make any charge for sourcing or learning new music. In fact we love the chance to find new songs we haven’t already played!

Can you Choose the music for us?

Yes absolutely. If you don’t want anything specific and are happy for JAM Duo to choose suitable music on your behalf we can do this. Just let us know what styles you prefer – Upbeat, Pop, Jazz, Classical etc. We will then judge the best songs to suit the occasion.

When do you need to know our choice of music?

If you have any specific requests please email these to us a month before your wedding if possible. We will send you our client information form around this time which has space to add in your music choices. If you have any questions before then please do get in touch with us any time.

How many songs do I need to choose for our wedding?

This will depend on which part of your wedding ceremony we are playing for. There is more detail about that on our wedding page. However as a rough guide 1 song is usually around 4 minutes in length. We have also put together a short guide as to the amount of music you might need which you can view here.

We will usually take a short break each hour. On average, at a drinks reception for example, we will play around 10 songs per hour.

Will my song choice be suitable for Cello and Piano?

When choosing a song which you haven’t heard on our listen page, please bear in mind that it won’t sound quite like the original. Generally the cello takes the melody but we don’t have drums or electronic synthesisers. If the song you choose is based purely around rhythm and repetitive electronic effects this may not be well suited to cello and piano. Nevertheless we are always prepared to try things out so if you aren’t sure, please email us with your song choice and we will see how it sounds.

Can you accompany a Singer?

Yes potentially we can accompany as a duo, or Jules can just accompany on the keyboard if you wish. All we need is to liaise with your singer in advance to confirm the music and what key it’s in etc. Depending on the complexity and time needed to rehearse, this will attract an additional fee. But do please contact us for details as we are always happy to help out and work with other musicians.

Can you accompany Hymn Singing?

Again yes we can although this would best be done by Jules on the Keyboard. Jules is also a church organist so if there is an organ at your venue or if it is a church wedding and you don’t have an organist, Jules can step in. There will be a small extra fee for this but no more than you would normally pay for an organist.

Will you be able to hear a cello outside?

Our acoustic cello is ideally suited to wedding ceremonies and smaller occasions. In the event you are holding your drinks reception outside then we would recommend swapping to our Yamaha Electric Cello which can be amplified along with the piano. We have various high quality PA systems depending on the size of the space to be filled. For most weddings we use a small Bose Speaker which gives a fantastic sound.

If you are holding a larger event with 100 or more people then we would recommend the electric cello with our more substantial audio system. This also gives a fantastic sound at wedding evening receptions / parties.

Can we have more than one song for the Bridal Entrance?

Yes, unique to JAM Duo is the concept of the ‘Mashup’ where we seamlessly blend two songs together. This means you can have one song as your Bridesmaids enter which is then woven into a different song for the Entrance of the Bride.

As professional musicians, we can do this on the day based purely on sight of when the bride is ready to enter. You don’t have to worry about timings or give us any warning. Just enter as you normally would and Jules will ensure the piano part seamlessly changes without anyone noticing and your chosen bridal entrance piece will start just as you start to walk.

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Lovely to meet you and how talented and hard working you are. So easy going, cheerful and professional. What troopers. Lorna x

Lorna Smith, Celebrant
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