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JAM Duo goes Electric

Available worldwide, this Award winning Duo are the perfect choice for your wedding! Alongside our traditional set with an acoustic cello and piano, JAM Duo can now offer you a completely new experience with our Yamaha Electric Cello.

Electric Cello
Anne-Marie with her Yamaha Electric Cello

Creating a chilled yet upbeat vibe, our electric cello is ideal for drinks receptions in larger or outdoor spaces. For wedding day time music we use subtle amplification and small speakers to replicate the sound of our acoustic cello but ensuring the music can be heard even amongst lots of background and ambient noises.

Listen to the Electric Cello

All the tracks on the playlist below were recorded on our Yamaha Electric Cello in our own professional recording studio.

About the Electric Cello

Yamaha designers worked together with some of the world’s greatest cellists to create the SVC-110 and SVC-210. The talent of these artists is reflected in the electric cellos beautiful warm tone and comfortable playability. The SVC-110 plays and sounds so similar to a fine acoustic cello.

Yamaha SVP110
Yamaha Electric Cello

Electric Cello at Your Wedding

Depending on the venue and of course our client’s requirements, we can technically use the electric cello for all parts of your wedding day. However, we do tend to reserve it for the Drinks Reception onwards. Typically most brides like the look and sound of our beautiful acoustic cello for their wedding ceremony.

Electric Cello at the Drinks Reception and Meal

Depending on the number of people at your wedding, a drinks reception and indeed the evening meal will often involve lots of chatter and background noise. Our job as wedding musicians is to provide a beautiful musical backdrop to the occasion.

Whilst we can mic up our acoustic cello, the electric cello has the same sonorous tone and sounds just as romantic even through our small PA system. For music during the day time we do not bring out our big PA system. This is all about subtle amplification. All we are trying to do is produce the same classic sound of cello and piano but just a little louder to ensure your guests can heard the music as they chat without anything becoming over bearing.

Electric Cello and Piano in the Evening

After the wedding breakfast is where the electric cello and piano really come into their own. Using our larger PA system we can create a party atmosphere whilst your evening guests arrive.

Whilst we have sometimes performed for the whole evening, our Electric set is designed to take you up to your First Dance, after which we step aside for the DJ.

First Dance with Electric Cello and Piano

Your First Dance is one of the most romantic parts of your wedding day. JAM Duo can make this an even more special and memorable moment by arranging your favourite song for cello and piano.

Performed on our beautiful electric cello and digital piano this will create the perfect vibe and introduction to the evening part of your wedding day. Enjoy your first dance together as husband and wife whilst JAM Duo provide beautiful music.

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