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JAM Duo are professional wedding musicians. We perform at weddings all over the UK. From music before your ceremony through to a drinks reception and background music during your wedding breakfast, we have your day covered.

One of the things that Covid-19 has shown us, is new ways in which we have to adapt and be versatile. We both hope, like everyone, that restrictions will soon be eased and some sense of a ‘normal’ life might be able to resume. Indeed, we have already got a good number of weddings booked for Summer 2021 and beyond.

Of course when it comes to Covid, no one really knows what the future holds and one of the things we have started doing is to record playlists for wedding couples. This is the next best thing to having live musicians at your wedding. You still get the beautiful sound of Cello and Piano and the choice of your favourite song, but we don’t have to actually be there to perform it.

For us this also opens up a whole new market as we can perform ‘virtually’ world wide. It always amazes us when we look at some of our online playlists to see where the listeners are coming from. We have had people from as far away as Australia listening to our tracks. And this isn’t just a robot – we have had emails from people saying how much they enjoy listening.

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