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Set within excess of 70 acres of countryside, Oshwal Centre grounds has a beautiful Temple (or “Derasar”) with manicured landscape gardens. We have two large 500 people capacity wedding halls. There is a purpose built children’s playground within the grounds.

Newly extended and refurbished Oshwal House, offers the perfect venue for smaller family celebrations, with standing capacity of 150, seated (theatre style) 100 and seated (with tables) 75.

What is it like?
It’s easy to forget that the spectacular venue is in the UK, such is its striking resemblance to the derasars of India. The exquisitely carved Jain temple is set amongst landscaped gardens and fields, providing a vibrant backdrop for photos. 

Where can we marry?
The Centre is registered to conduct civil ceremonies and also has in-house registrars to perform the nuptials. Two large halls, each with a capacity of up to 990 guests, are open plan and something of a blank canvas, allowing couples the freedom to incorporate and work with a multitude of décor options. Thanks to the obstruction-free space, guests will be able to mingle while photographers will be unhindered by pillars and free to capture lifelong memories from all angles and distances. 

Can we have a religious ceremony?
The Oshwal Centre is the location for Jain weddings and special events. The team has worked with thousands of couples and is highly skilled in helping them enjoy the Big Day. 

Do they cater?
You can call in your own caterers. There’s a spacious kitchen and preparation space available, complete with all the features of a professional kitchen. In keeping with religious and cultural beliefs, guests are asked to leave behind alcohol and is a purely vegetarian facility.

The Oshwal Association has been around since the late 60’s and the Centre has hosted hundreds of thousands of weddings in the years since. It’s perfect for large events, with for over 300 cars, a children’s playground for the small and the restless as well as changing rooms for the bridal party.


You can extend Big Day invitations to more than 900 family and friends in each of the two large halls. 

Located in Potters Bar, the Oshwal Centre is within easy reach of London and the south east.

A traditional Hindu wedding ceremony is a beautiful and sacred event that celebrates the union of two people in marriage. This joyous occasion is filled with rich cultural traditions and rituals that have been passed down for generations, and is an important part of Hindu culture. One of the key elements of a Hindu wedding ceremony is the exchange of garlands, known as the Jaimala. This is a symbol of the couple’s acceptance of each other, and is often accompanied by the singing of traditional wedding songs.

Another important ritual is the Kanyadaan, in which the father of the bride offers his daughter to the groom. This is a deeply emotional moment, and is seen as a symbol of the father’s love and sacrifice for his daughter. The ceremony also includes the tying of the Mangalsutra, a sacred necklace that symbolises the couple’s commitment to each other. The groom ties the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck, signifying their union and the beginning of their new life together.

In addition to these traditional rituals, a Hindu wedding ceremony may also include other customs and traditions, such as the lighting of the sacred fire and the exchange of vows.

Photography is an important part of a Hindu wedding ceremony, as it allows the couple to capture and preserve the memories of this special day. Professional photographers are skilled at capturing the beauty and emotion of the occasion, and can provide the couple with stunning photos that they can look back on for years to come.

Overall, a Hindu wedding ceremony at Oshwal Centre is a vibrant and meaningful event that celebrates the love and commitment of two people. Photography is an important part of this special day, and can help the couple to cherish and remember their big day for years to come.

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