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A few weeks ago we talked about the top wedding songs on Spotify for 2020 and 2021. You can read that post here. However, Spotify isn’t the only platform for finding music – although of course we realise it is probably one of the most popular.

A Personal Choice

When it comes to choosing music for your wedding, it should very much be your personal choice. The important thing, indeed the most important thing is to have a song or a selection of songs which have meaning to you as a couple.

We have a repertoire list on our website but this is by no means exhaustive. Indeed we add pieces to our repertoire on a daily basis so really it is no more than a very rough guide as to the songs that we can perform for you.

To help wedding couples choose the right music for their wedding we have recently introduced our ‘free sample recording’ service.

Record your Favourite Wedding Song

The idea is fairly simple. You tell us you favourite song that you would like performed at your wedding and we will record you a short sample so you can hear how it will sound on Cello and Piano.

The reason why we do this is because the vast majority, indeed probably 99% of the music we perform at weddings is a popular song and not something specifically written for the Cello. Not only that a lot of these songs aren’t regularly performed on the Cello so you might not find it on you tube.

That said, we are constantly adding to our list of samples so increasingly the top wedding songs are now available for you to hear.

The track above (Perfect by Ed Sheeran) is consistently one of the most requested pieces at weddings. We originally recorded this as a sample for a prospective wedding couple.

JAM Duo will record your favourite song so you can hear how it sounds arranged for Cello and Piano

Click here to fill out a short form and request a free recording

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