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JAM Duo are a classically trained Piano and Cello Duo comprising of Anne-Marie playing the Cello accompanied by Jules on the Piano.

We love playing at weddings, but once there we try to blend into the background. For the majority of weddings we are part of we tend to perform either at the Wedding Ceremony or the Drinks Reception – in a lot of cases we play at both.

The Cello is ideally suited to provide the musical backdrop to your wedding drinks reception. The sound of this most beautiful of string instruments is said to closely resemble the human voice both in terms of range and timbre.

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Background Music

When it comes to your drinks reception you want to achieve a calm and inviting atmosphere for your guests. Traditionally this is a time when the photographer will want to be taking some more posed shots of the wedding couple. And so for a while the main point of interest (that’s the bride of course!) will be missing. So the guests have to entertain themselves.

This is partly why we have a drinks reception before the wedding breakfast. Gives people a chance to chat and have a glass of bubbly before the more formal sit down meal and speeches.

However, ambience is also key. Picture the scene, you are in a beautiful venue which has been decorated in line with your wedding theme. Your guests are smartly attired and aregiven a glass of something on arrival. But then what? Total Silence?

This is where JAM Duo come in. Our duo is essentially acoustic and, in the majority of cases, we play without amplification. If there is a piano at your venue (and if it sounds good and is in tune) then (pending permission) we will often use this. However, we of course have our own digital piano that goes everywhere with us.

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listenYou can hear us play on our listen page. If you have a particular song that you would ike us to play for your wedding and it’s not currently on our showreel, please send us a message and we would love to record for you.

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