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The Wedding

Michelle and Kyle
The Royal Berkshire Hotel, Ascot, Berkshire
23 July 2021

Michelle and Kyle

Today’s wedding took us past Royal Ascot, where there were lots of people dressed up to go and stare at some horses. Our venue was the Royal Berkshire Hotel for the wedding of Michelle and Kyle. The sun was shining down as we arrived and found the venue for the ceremony.

JAM Duo at the Royal Berkshire Hotel in Ascot

The ceremony as you can see was held in a walled garden, quite some distance from the hotel. This meant there was no nearby source of electricity. But no matter, because we always bring our portable power supply which is capable of running the digital piano and amplification for at least 8 hours if not more.

The colour scheme was dominated by a lovely shade of blue which actually fitted very well with Anne-Marie’s dress and my attempt at co-ordinating with her.

Our job was to play for the wedding ceremony followed by the wedding breakfast which meant we had a short gap and time to enjoy a glass of pimms between the ceremony and meal.

Music for the Wedding Breakfast

It turned out there wasn’t a lot of room for us in the room where the wedding breakfast is held. Luckily however, we can fit into the smallest of spaces and certainly a lot smaller space than a string quartet.

We picked a suitable corner, also by the door so we had some fresh air and duly set up. Again to save trailing power cables we used our portable power pack.

If you would like JAM Duo to play for your Wedding Day then please get in touch via our contact form

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