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Let’s face it there are probably lots of reasons why you wouldn’t bother to have musicians at your wedding. Surely all you actually need is a Spotify playlist. This will give you access to virtually any song or piece of music you can imagine, probably played in a number of different styles. Whether you like seventeenth century classical music or twenty first century rap music, it’s all there on Spotify or Apple Music (other streaming services are probably also available!).

This all sounds great and suggests that Anne-Marie and I should immediately give up and not bother playing for any more weddings, parties or events. Aside of the fact that we absolutely love what we do, there is a problem with the whole ‘Spotify’ solution to your wedding music.

If you were to do a simply analysis of Pro’s versus Cons then quite probably live musicians wouldn’t fare that well. After all when compared to Spotify, we are probably more expensive, take up more space, and usually quite like being given a canapé or two! We also have to be paid for our time.So yes, you could simply get rid of all these potential ‘issues’, make yourself a Spotify Playlist and leave it at that.

However, there are a number of problems.

Firstly, is a Spotify playlist really such a simple idea? Let’s imagine, for example that you want two songs for the entrance of the bridal party. Your Bridesmaids are walking in to “Can’t Help falling in Love’ by Elvia and then the Bride would like to walk in to ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri. How exactly is this going to work on Spotify?

Yes ok you could put the two songs into a playlist, but in reality even with 4 or 5 Bridesmaids, you are only going to need about half the first song at the very most before the Bride will be ready to enter. This means the ‘change of song’ has to be done live.

Even aside of small details such as does the venue have a suitable sound system and access to Spotify (other streaming services are available), you still need to find someone to execute this change of song. And this is just the entrance of the Bridal party!

By comparison, if you employ JAM Duo to play for your wedding ceremony, we can not only time the ‘aisle songs’ to perfection but also blend two songs together seamlessly, even if they are in totally different keys.

You see for all the perceived advantages of just playing music through a speaker, there is one thing you just can’t get from recorded music. And that is, for want of a better word, ‘Magic’.

Let’s face it, this is your wedding day. It’s the happiest day of your life and the one day you will remember forever. So if there ever was a time to add a bit of magic to proceedings, this is it!

JAM Duo at Your Wedding

If you would like the beautiful blend of Cello and Piano at your wedding, JAM Duo can provide Day Time music for your Wedding Ceremony, Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast. We are often asked to play for the First Dance as well. All our music is played live and we can play any song or classical piece of your choosing. To find out more and discuss your special day with us, please get in touch via our contact form.

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