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With only a few weeks until Valentine’s Day, restaurants all around the UK are already fully booked. There are lots of events going on from Dinner in the Hogwarts Dining Hall to fine dining opportunities at a host of Michelin Starred Restaurants.

When it comes to a special dinner or evening event live music can make all the difference. JAM Duo can play a part in helping to enhance your event with beautiful music for Cello and Piano.

Drinks Receptions

Our Duo is ideally suited to a welcome drinks reception. From sublime classical music through to contemporary covers (think Brooklyn Duo and The Piano Guys) our repertoire is just perfect for getting your guests to relax with a glass of champagne.

JAM Duo don’t need much space either, Just a small corner of your room will be absolutely perfect for us. We normally say 2m x 2m is the ideal space but, within reason, we have squeezed into tighter spaces. The only thing we can’t change is the length of the keyboard. Anne-Marie also needs some room to bow!

Valentines Dinner and Black Tie Event

If you are hosting a dinner for Valentine’s Day then JAM Duo will be the perfect addition. Depending on the size of the room and the number of guests we can either play as an acoustic duo or with the Electric Cello for a more upbeat sound.

In terms of repertoire our core set list for this sort of occasion will be contemporary covers of popular songs. In fact anything from Early 20th century jazz to songs which are currently in the charts.

JAM Duo – Party Time!

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