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Booking music for your wedding can be a daunting experience. With so much choice and also an ever increasing number of agencies all vying to tempt you with many different acts, its often very hard to know where to start.
If you have ever considered having a Cellist at your wedding, then you have come to the right place!

What sort of Musicians do you want?

Often a good starting point is to think about the musicians you might want for your wedding. What is the overall vibe going to be? By deciding on some of the basics this will help you pin down the type of musicians you might think about having at your wedding.

Nowadays you can have pretty much anything you want. Whether you are looking for a String Quartet, a 16 Piece Jazz band, a full orchestra, a vocalist with guitar or piano accompaniment, or maybe a Cello and Piano Duo, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Jules and Anne-Marie would like to hope since you have found our little corner of the internet that you might be giving consideration to a Cello being part of your special day.

Music during your Wedding Day

If you have decided to have musicians at your wedding, the next decision is to think about when you might want music. We have answered this question elsewhere too, and you can find out pricing and more details about our duo by visiting our wedding page.

However, to summarise, there are 5 key points during the wedding day where musicians are usually involved.


Music plays a key part in your wedding ceremony whether it’s a civil service or a church occasion. JAM Duo start by playing music for around 20 minutes or so whilst your guests arrive at the venue. The first key moment is of course the Entrance of the Bride. Some people call this the ‘aisle song’. Music is played as the bride enters – one distinct advantage of live musicians and particularly JAM Duo is that we can time the piece to start and end at precisely the right moment. There will be no awkward pauses whilst you wait for the music to stop. Everything will be seamless and Jules will ensure we cadence (end) exactly at the moment you are ready to begin.

Wedding Couple
Music at Your Wedding Ceremony

Later on during the ceremony we will play music (usually one or two songs) whilst you sign the register as a newly married couple. This lasts maybe 5 minutes or so – nowadays the signing is fairly quick so a lot of time is taken up with photographs. A great moment to have music for your guests to enjoy.

At the end of the ceremony there is another significant piece of music which is played as you exit the ceremony as Husband and Wife together. Something upbeat here is usually perfect, but it’s entirely your choice. JAM Duo can play anything you like – there are an ever growing number of songs on our listen page, but this is just for inspiration. We can play any song you can name!

Wedding Drinks Reception

After the ceremony you and your guests will move to a drinks reception. This is often a time where the bride and groom are whisked off by the photographer to get some stylish shots around the venue. And so for your guests, there is probably around 1 – 1.5 hours where they are able to have a drink and canapés. This is a perfect time to have some entertainment.

Cellist for wedding drinks Reception
Outdoor Drinks Reception

JAM Duo can provide beautiful background music whilst your guests sip champagne. No matter whether your drinks reception is held indoors or outside, not only can we provide power to our digital piano using our portable power supply, we can also alternate between acoustic and electric cello depending on the size of the venue. Outside our electric cello often works best. We have a variety of different PA solutions to suit all venues – generally we do not go for the ‘amped’ effect during the day but just provide a subtle boost to the sound so the cello can be heard outside but without becoming over bearing. For the Drinks reception our goal is always to provide ambient music to suit the occasion.

Wedding Breakfast

It usually takes no more than a few minutes for JAM Duo to move inside or to the location for your wedding breakfast. Once again here we provide more lovely music to create an atmosphere during your wedding meal. Depending on the size of the room and the levels of chat / background noise, we can alternate between acoustic or amplified to suit.

Wedding Breakfast
Music During the Wedding Breakfast
First Dance

After the meal and speeches, there is usually a short gap before you head into the evening celebrations. Sometimes JAM Duo provide a little bit of background music here, or more usually we take a short break ourselves – usually having played for quite a few hours up to this point!

The first dance is a key moment in any wedding day. The couple will be enjoying their first dance to their favourite song (or usually the bride’s favourite song!) and so this is a very special point in the day.

Wedding Couple at Ascot
Couple enjoying their first dance

JAM Duo can make this romantic moment extra special by arranging your song for Cello and Piano in a unique version which will enable you to focus on each other. The cello is often said to be the most romantic of string instruments and so what better choice for your first dance.

Evening Party

For the majority of people this is where the DJ comes in and your wedding day enters party mode. However, from time to time, JAM Duo, with their stunning Yamaha Electric Cello and more upbeat set, are asked to provide music for the evening party.

With our electric cello and digital piano, we can provide up tempo covers of all your favourite songs which will still get your guests dancing but give a more laid back vibe to the evening party.

Party JAM Duo
Upbeat Evening Set

JAM Duo – Cello and Piano at Your Wedding

Jules and Anne-Marie would absolutely love to be part of your wedding day and provide some beautiful music for you. If you would like to find out more then please either give us a call on the number at the top of the page or click here for our contact form.

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