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Today, JAM Duo headed down to the coast to provide music at Tessa and Alex’s wedding ceremony which took place in Poole Guildhall. The Dorset coast is a lovely part of the country, perhaps the only challenge is the lack of motorways in Dorset. But this simply means we have to allow plenty of time when travelling from our Cotswold home.

The Wedding

Tessa and Alex
Poole Guildhall – Ceremony
26 March 2022

Wedding in Poole
Tessa and Alex married at Poole Guildhall

Tessa had added our beautiful gloss black piano shell for her wedding. This really enhances the look of our duo and essentially turns our Yamaha digital piano into a baby grand piano. This was particularly relevant here as we were positioned on a stage almost as if we were giving a concert.

Of course, as wedding musicians we always try to ‘blend in’ and find somewhere suitable to play for a ceremony as it’s not really our role to be centre stage. But sometimes that’s just how the venue works and also what the bride wants!

Jules and Anne-Marie at Poole Guildhall

One of the challenges with our piano shell is getting it in and out of venues. However we were met at the Guildhall by an extremely kind usher. We were given a parking spot right outside the venue and then shown exactly where to go with assistance from a lift for our piano shell.

We had previously been advised that the guildhall runs to a tight schedule and there was a wedding at 11am before Tessa’s at 12 and so we only had a small window of opportunity to get our instruments in place.

With this in mind we arrived at 10.30am and able to get the piano and cello into the guildhall before the previous wedding. Having everything in a room just behind the ceremony room meant that at the appropriate time it only took us a few minutes to finish setting up so we were ready for the entrance of the bride.

Bride and Groom
Tessa and Alex in Poole

The bride arrived exactly on time looked resplendent in her dress. The service was beautifully conducted by the registrar from Poole and we even got a round of applause at the end. Of course we are not there to be applauded nor do we expect this, but the registrar seemed taken with our duo and perhaps also the impact of our piano shell and wanted to give us a mention at the end!

JAM Duo – Music for your Wedding Ceremony

Jules and Anne-Marie love going to weddings – this helps given the job we do! No matter how many hundreds of weddings we are involved in every ceremony is still magical. We always consider it an honour to be trusted to provide music for the most important day of your life.

Rather than operating a ‘repertoire list’ JAM Duo can play anything of your choice. There is lots of inspiration on our listen page, but this is by no means our ‘repertoire’. No matter whether you like Pachelbel, Coldplay or Lady Gaga (or anything else!) then we can play whatever music you choose. Just let us know your favourite song!

If you would like to find out more then please get in touch – the easiest way to do this is via our contact page.

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