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The song “Where are you Christmas”?  taken from the film ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’, based on Dr Seuss’s book of the same name; is rather apt in the current COVID climate.  Personal relationships are key to this film, and, whilst we are currently restricted greatly in what we can and cannot do, couples all over the country are still planning and finalizing wedding details.   

In such times as we currently live, we all need to maintain a degree of optimism about the future.   With the rules and tiers in the UK changing almost on a weekly basis at the moment, none of us can really predict where we might be in January let alone beyond that.   

Nevertheless, it seems there is still a modicum of stiff upper lip about the British public and a determination to carry on regardless of everything which is thrown at us.  Even in the face of setbacks, disappointment and uncertainty, there still remains a sense of hope that one day, hopefully in the not too distant future, the world will return to something approaching normal.   

For the moment, all we can do is look to the immediate future.  With tightened restrictions over the festive period in the UK, we all need to find a little Christmas cheer.   

With this in mind, we have recorded our own version of ‘Where are you Christmas?’. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing this Christmas, we hope you stay safe and find happiness in these difficult times. If our little rendition helps to make you smile then we will have sent a little something positive out into the world.

Happy Christmas, with love from JAM Duo x
Where are you Christmas on Soundcloud performed by JAM Duo

About JAM Duo

JAM DUO, a cello and piano combination, can provide exactly what you need for your special day.  With the added benefit of a piano, rather than just strings, we can switch from classical repertoire to popular classics with ease.  Fully self-sufficient, we only need a small corner of your venue and will bring everything necessary for our performance.    

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