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JAM Duo are a Cello and Piano Duo who bring beautiful music to dinner parties, private functions and other celebrations.

As we approach Christmas, we are also heading into the season of parties. Whether it‘s a corporate bash or a stylish dinner party with friends, the one thing shared by all parties is music.

Spotify Playlist

Nowadays the simplest way to add music to your dinner party would be to put on a Spotify Playlist. Spotify as we all know gives you access to just about every song or piece of music ever written. You can design your own playlist to suit the mood of the occasion. Sounds great? However there are a few problems.

Yes you can set up your playlist in advance, but who actually has time to do that? With millions of songs to choose from, how do you decide what best suits your party? Then there comes the question of playback. Do you have a suitably connected sound system in the room(s) where your party is being held.

What happens for example if the guests are going to start outside on the balcony with a glass of champagne and then move indoors for dinner?

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As well as that, someone probably needs to manage the playlist. What happens if you run out of songs, or you want something a bit more upbeat, or perhaps a bit more chilled. Will there be an appointed person in charge – and more importantly will they actually want the hassle of this responsibility?

Musicians at your Dinner Party

One easy way of solving all the above issues is to employ some professional musicians to provide ambient background music for your dinner party or drinks reception. This is where JAM Duo come in. Two professional musicians, Jules and Anne-Marie can bring the beautiful sonorous tones of the cello with piano accompaniment to your dinner party or special occasion.

We are the ultimate acoustic duo. Our repertoire ranges from Classical music to Covers of Contemporary popular songs. We also play a wide range of Jazz and Easy listening. There really is something to suit everyone. Whether you want a chilled vibe or something a bit more upbeat and energetic, JAM Duo can bring the right music to your party.

Steinway and Cello
Piano and Cello – music for your party

Space required

Another great thing about JAM Duo is that we don’t require much space. If you happen to have a Steinway Grand Piano in your lounge (and you’re willing to let Jules play it!!) then great. However, we always bring our digital piano, and Anne-Marie of course always brings her Cello. We just need a little corner in which to set up. Mostly we play without amplification as this gives the best and most natural sound. However, if we are outside or in a very large space, we will use a small portable PA just to slightly boost the sound of the Cello.

Cambridge Garden Party
Jules and Anne-Marie (JAM Duo)

Find out more

If you would like to book JAM Duo for your private party, Celebration or Corporate Event then please get in touch via our contact form. You can also listen to over 100 examples of our performance by heading over to our listen page.

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